If you like cooking or if you like the way a member of your family is cooking then you surely thought about doing some renovations around the kitchen, in order to have everything just the way you want it to be. However, some of us are less fortunate than others and have to deal with smaller than average spaces, which makes it quite difficult to handle storage.

Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks on how to renovate your kitchen if you don’t have that much space to begin with.

  • Use the walls

The first rule in renovating a small kitchen is to always make use of the walls. If you are struggling with storage space, they might be an excellent solution to all of your problems. However, you should not overdo it and focus too many suspended cupboards on the superior part of the walls. The rule goes like this: if you have a medium sized kitchen, it is okay to have suspended cupboards and loads of them. However, if the space is really small then you should forget about the cupboards and focus on a few shelves and some racks. This will make the kitchen seem larger.

  • Bright colors

When dealing with small spaces, bright colors are surely going to improve the look of the place and make it seem larger. You should go for bright shades that complement each other both when painting the walls and when picking out appliances and cupboards. One other thing you should take into account here is to never mix more than two shades and to avoid patterns that are too intricate. The simple the better. After all, less is more.

  • Proper lighting

No matter if you choose natural light or artificial light, you small kitchen should be properly lit at all times. Make sure that you position the source of light somewhat symmetrically to the walls so that you do not end up with brighter and darker corners but a uniform, constant light. You could also help make the lighting better by adding a mirror on the kitchen door or replacing the door with one that is mostly made out of glass.

  • Proper appliances

Apart from cupboards and shelves, any kitchen also needs the proper appliances. The trick here is to pick the ones that best fit together and actually match the rest of the room. A dark grey fridge will never go well with a white microwave and a brown toaster. Keep in mind to have everything matching in some way and to somehow place them where they make more sense. For instance, you could place the coffee machine next to the microwave or on top of it if it fits. Wall mounted appliances could also work if they are not excessively big.

From pots and pans to the color of the walls and the color and size of your appliances, it all matters when renovating a small kitchen. Every tiny detail might help you in obtaining a better organized room that feels and looks a lot bigger than it actually is.