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DCR Renovation & Construction company in Montreal specializes in all kinds of home renovation, commercial renovations, construction, remodeling, waterproofing, foundation and French Drain repair and installation services that will increase the value, beauty along with the energy efficiency of your property. Our team of professional commercial and residential contractors work hard to bring that wow-factor with their experience using the latest constructional and architectural techniques available in the industry. We have the largest network of professionals and are one of the top and biggest construction companies servicing Montreal, West Island, Laval and South Shore. We deliver excellence!

Whether you require commercial or residential construction contractors or a renovation company for renovating or adding a small space, big home or large commercial or industrial property, our construction company can help ease all the planning and details from you. When dealing with renovations all you need to do is tell us what you would like your new and improved house or property to look like and we will provide you with the best renovation contractors and construction contractors for Montreal, Laval, South Shore, West island and all surrounding areas and discuss details of the project along with how long the entire renovation project will take to complete and the cost of the renovations.




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    Why Our Renovation Company For Your Home Extensions?

    We are listed one of the best Montreal renovation company and construction company. Along with providing renovation services for your home, we also provide home addition services from adding a small room to adding an entire floor. When it comes to our construction company, you will be thrilled to learn that in all of our years of working in the business we have never met a project that was too big for us to handle. We achieve success at the best cost. We only work with the most skilled and experienced general contractors and renovation contractors and they are always prepared to take on any challenge no matter how demanding it might be. We pride ourselves in being highly dedicated to our customers and to putting their needs first. On top of that, our company works with the highest quality tools and latest materials so that the work we do doesn’t just look good but is built on quality first, sturdiness and durability as well.

    Turn-Key Commercial and Industrial Renovations

    We can help you to realize all types of commercial or industrial renovation turn-key projects, from interior office renovations to exterior renovation and expansions, from retail stores to multiplex apartment buildings to warehouses, you can take advantage of our expertise and know-how

    We Are Specialized In

    • Daycares
    • Retirement Homes
    • Pharmacies
    • Restaurants
    • Office Remodeling
    • Handicap Assistance Remodeling
    • Warehouses
    • Professional Office Improvements
    • Retail stores renovations

    We offer our vision and expertise for your custom office, retail store, clinic turn-key design and build renovations

    Whether you want to bring your vision to life or in need of some inspiration, we are here to guide you through the design process and transition into the build phase for a seamless, turnkey experience.

    DCR construction, renovation and demolition

    We provide all types of construction and renovation services to our prestigious clients in Montreal. We are one of the biggest commercial, industrial and residential construction company in Montreal with years of experience and many satistfied customers. Our professional and certified team of construction contractors are experts in a range of construction, repair work, and renovation procedures, and it can recommend you the best techniques that are tailored to meet your requirements. We have carried out hundreds of projects across the province, and our professionals are best at what they do. If you are looking for either residential contractors for your home or general contractors with a certified and reputable experience that outperforms others from a list of constructions companies in greater Montreal, we are available to provide you with a free quote!

    We do pricing based on the specific needs and preferences of our clients as well as various parameters of a particular project. We enjoy making our clients happy, and for this, we are committed to delivering high-quality services to them. Reach out to use for a free of cost estimate today.

    Please find below the range of construction and renovation services we provide with brief insights

    Waterproofing Montreal


    Waterproofing services are not limited to sidewall treatment, roof treatment, joint expansion treatment, water tank coating treatment or bath treatment but many others.

    French Drain installation, repair, and maintenance

    As standing water pools can cause various issues such as killing plants and grass in the area, breeding mold, termites, and mosquitoes. Furthermore, oversaturated soil can initiate structural damage and even instability of foundation. Therefore, installation and maintenance of your French drains are critical. No matter what drainage issues you are currently facing, we are here for your assistance.

    Our team of experts will recommend the most suitable French Drain system that will be customized to your situation. Hire our services and assistance with regards to French drain repair, installation and maintenance for immediate damage control.

    Our general contractor will make sure that your French drain project gets completed on time and it effectively solves the issue for you. Moreover, you can reach out to the contractor at any time if in case any problems arise over time.

    Repair and replacement of existing foundation and crack repair

    A foundation that has been built on expansive clay that is improperly compacted or compressed soils or that has been inadequately maintained can be a severe problem as they shift and settle. When you see wall cracks or even when the doors don’t close properly then get in touch with professional help straight away.

    We can get any issue including cracks, sinks, and leaks or bowing basement walls resolved with the help of our team of professionals. We provide services such as foundation piering, sealing, stabilizing, leveling and slab jacking at very competitive rates.

    If you wait any longer, the damage will get worse, and the cost of repairing any foundation issues will increase substantially. You can contact us for any assistance regarding repair and replacement of existing foundation or any cracks.

    Foundation Repair Montreal
    Concrete Repairs & Resurfacing Montreal

    Concrete Repairs & Resurfacing

    Our company can also handle all types of concrete repair and resurfacing jobs. All commercial or residential services come with free of cost inspections and estimates. Our services are guaranteed and available at highly competitive prices.

    We provide an array of services including concrete, patio and driveway paving as well as repair and resurfacing services for all your needs.  In addition to concrete, we also handle all kinds of commercial and residential stonework projects.

    Crack injection interior and exterior

    There are different types of cracks in the foundation that can cause damaging effects to the foundation of your property which would require crack injection reparation work either from the inside or the outside of your property. We provide all foundation crack repair services which includes interior or exterior crack injection requirements.

    Our crack injection services will guarantee that any foundation leak will be stopped before it can cause any further damage. We ensure quality in all our work and provide a first, second and third line of defense to eradicating the issue of leaks once and for all.

    Crack injection interior and exterior
    Piling (Stabilization and alignment of foundations on steel piles)

    Piling (Stabilization and alignment of foundations on steel piles)


    There are various symptoms linked with settling foundations including uneven floors, doors or windows that don’t close properly, structural deformations and large cracks in brick walls and foundation.

    For varying weather conditions, water tends to loosen the soil underneath a property, and it never regains its shape back which causes the building to unsettle under its weight. To solve these problem, steel piles are driven in the soil of the foundation so it can become stable. Piling is done to evenly distribute the weight by laying the building on firm soil that is anchored by the piles.

    Reinforcement of structural problems

    Structural problems can be identified by distorted floors, sagging beams, floor joists and cracked walls. These issues can be caused by poor concrete quality, wood rot, rusting steel or even poor initial design.

    Structural reinforcements can solve the problem of preserving the property by increasing the value of the premises. These reinforcements include straightening of structural weaknesses, replacing the inner walls with a steel structure for the creation of large rooms without walls and raising the building for better clearance in the basement.

    We provide all kinds of structural reinforcement services for both our commercial and residential clients for their satisfaction.

    Reinforcement of structural problems
    Brick & Stone repair, restoration, and installation

    Brick & Stone repair, restoration, and installation

    Brick and stone repair, renovation and installation services comprise of different components including services associated with repairing paths and entryways, brickwork, rock work, walls, stairs, patios as well as chimneys and fireplaces.

    Our team of professionals can handle any of your project requirements and can provide you with a variety of solutions that meet your needs.  We offer different services for indoor and outdoor brick and stone requirements for both residential and commercials clients.

    What home additions do you have in mind?

    Swimming pool

    Swimming pool installations

    Swimming pools certainly have the ability to give any house a very glamorous look. Our team of professional contractors can create for you and your family the pool of your dreams at the best price. Call us today and ask about our pool construction services, we are available to provide you with a free, no obligation cost estimate.

    Solar panels

    Solar panel installations

    Solar panels are, without a doubt one of the best home investment addition that can save you money in the long term and help the environment. In fact, it is about time more home owners start thinking about the environment and get on the trend of renewable energy. You can rest assured that your investment will pay off on the long run. Trust our company to provide you with solar panel services that will help make this dream a reality.

    Gardens and decks

    Patio deck installations

    Since we have started discussing the environment, adding some landscaping to your house can improve both its value and the quality of air you are breathing. If you would like to add a deck to your home to spend some quality time outdoors with your family, we are available to help you build your custom made oasis in the middle of the city. Our construction company provides services for building decks and the required landscaping around it.

    Windows and doors

    Windows and doors installations

    If you have rooms that seem to be too dark or that just don’t strike you as being properly lit then additional windows are the way to go. You and your family can enjoy more sunlight and our experts can certainly make that happen.

    Home additions are no easy task. Whether you are seeking to add an extra room or a garage or a deck, this requires professionals who know what they are doing. That is why you need our professional expertise!

    Unistone Pave-Uni installation, restoration, and repairs

    Unistone Pave-Uni installation, restoration, and repairs

    If you have been looking for a service that can take care of your pave uni, our company and team of professionals can fix, uplift pavers along with sunken pave uni that is caused by vehicles or plant roots.

    You can contact us even if your pave uni is missing polymeric sand in between the joints. Our professionals are equipped with the expertise to restore, fix and level uneven pave uni stairs, walkways, steps, and driveways.