Brickwork Restoration And Repair

Our brick restoration contractor services provide you with what you need to get your bricks restored and repaired. From time to time brick work becomes so damaged that portions of the wall need to be repaired. What does brick masonry repair mean for your property? Drastically improved curb appeal. A sign that you care for your home and business. Longevity for a historic building. From minor cracks in residential brick veneer to major structural damage, our brick restoration company are experts in masonry work.

Our construction and renovation company provides brickwork restoration services in Montreal, Laval, West Island and South Shore specializing in mortar and brickwork repairs and we also conduct associated works such as brickwork and masonry re-pointing. We not only repair damaged brickwork and masonry, we also restore the structure to its original beauty. As part of our brick repair service, we replace fretted or eroded bricks with matching bricks to repair the damaged areas and restore brickwork to its natural beauty. Our services range from crack repair to structural problems and joint expansions; we cover any crack issues your building or home might have.

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    If your brickwork or any masonry is deteriorating, we are the industry experts to call upon. Our brick restoration and repair work includes:

    • Brick re-pointing
    • Crack treatment
    • Masonry leaks: Leaks originating from walls and chimneys can penetrate water easily and would require flashing and a waterproof sealer.
    • Stains or Brick Discolouration is often due to age, water penetration, mold, dirt and other factors

    Our secret lies in precise mortar matching and staining to match the surrounding areas.   With our extensive supply chain and knowledge of all brick types, whether the building is ten or hundred years old we strive to match your existing brick in size, colour and tone, using similar material. We have perfected the process so well that the majority of our clients cannot even pinpoint where the work was done.

    Brickwork Restoration and Repair Montreal
    Brickwork Restoration and Repair Montreal

    Why Our Restoration and Repair services For Your Brickwork Masonry?

    With over years of experience we have the expertise to address all of your property’s masonry needs. With hundreds of satisfied customers, our construction company has one of the most expertise in this industry. Our multi skilled team services both the residential and commercial properties and ensures promptness and professionalism. We pride ourselves on expert advice and service is second to none. We are the leading company in delivering quality work and have many satisfied customers, regardless of how small or large the job is. Our Brickwork and masonry repair and restoration work starts by identifying the root cause of the issue and damage and then we provide detailed consultation to our clients to address the underlying issue and how to fix it.

    We are dedicated to completing all repair brickwork jobs whether small or large on time and budget. We inform our customers with a project’s required time line to complete and are committed to working hard to meet and exceed their expectations so they can be assured it will be completed on time and budget. Our specialist experience in this type of brickwork repair, restoration and replacement work means we can perform it on a variety of different brickwork, from plain faced bricks to detailed or molded decorative bricks. Our mason teams of experts will restore the beauty and integrity of the structure.

    If you would like to discuss the masonry restoration work and brickwork repair services for your property, don’t hesitate to call us and we will be more than happy to provide you a free cost estimate.