Steel Piling For Stabilization and Alignment of Foundational Issues

Steel Piling For Stabilization and Alignment of Foundational IssuesOur Steel Piling services provide our customers with stabilization and alignment of Foundational issues and Settling problems. Foundation problems are serious issues and some think that the damage done is permanent.

However, there are plenty of solutions that contractors come up with and that are more than viable, depending on the severity of the problem. Indeed, any factor that negatively affects the foundation should be considered before purchasing a building or before even thinking about buying one. However, these factors are sometimes not obvious and tend to get overlooked.

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    What Are The Signs Of Foundation Issues And Settling Foundations?

    A foundation has settling or structural issues when:

    • Cracks in its walls and foundation
    • The functions inside the house like the doors and the walls are not closing properly
    • Floors are uneven
    • Other structural problems you might be suspicious of

    One of the main reasons why a property’s foundation might have issues is that when it starts to settle in the soil on which it was built, the soil has a clayey composition, which makes it rather unstable as it cannot bear the weight of various buildings. As a result, buildings begin to settle and are affected in various ways, the most serious of which are the foundation problems. The main issue with clayey soil is that it often dries up because of a number of reasons: it could be because of trees, because of a drought or because of the pavement on top of it. The main disadvantage of this type of soil is the fact that once it dries up, it decreases in volume, but it does not gain all of it back when it recovers water. As a result, the building that are on top of it begin to settle and most of the times they happen to settle unevenly.

    This means that you might notice large cracks in the walls or even in the foundation or you might notice that the doors and windows no longer close properly. Another effect of a settling building are the uneven floors and plenty of other structural deformations.

    Although this might sound like a lost cause, you should know that it is an entirely fixable issue. If you work with an experienced and professional expert in the field, such as our company, you will certainly be able not only to stop the house from settling unevenly but even to prevent the issue from reoccurring in the future.

    What Are The Signs Of Foundation Issues And Settling Foundations?

    How does Our Foundation Piling Services work?

    Our company has been dealing with the stabilization and alignment of foundations on steel piles for years and we are proud to say that we are the best contractor in the area in such matters.

    First of all, our experts will firmly anchor shoes and stirrups to the foundation. After that, steel piles will be driven to ground and the building raised by a hydraulic jack system. Second of all, our professionals will reinforce and repair the foundation after which they will fill the steel piles with concrete. This ensures that the building is set on an even surface and it will definitely stop the settling process.

    If you have noticed your house or your commercial building has started to settle unevenly, process which causes damage to its structural integrity then you should not hesitate to give us a call. Our experts will make sure to properly assess the issue and apply the necessary techniques in order to fix this problem.