Stonework installation

Our construction company provides a range of stone and masonry services for the residential and commercial customers, our services include stone installation, stone reparation, construction of stone fireplaces or architectural and any design stonework projects in Montreal, Laval, West Island, South shore and surrounding areas. So if you are looking to construct a backyard patio or other projects at home that involve stone work, we provide the resources, manpower, material and all expertise needed for the work required in custom stone work.

We pride ourselves in offering superior stone work, we have been involved in so many stone work masonry projects since inception relying on quality values where success means hardwork, attention to detail and high quality workmanship, the same values reflected in our projects as well.

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    Why Is Our Stone Work The Best?

    It’s a great idea to install some custom stone work on property to add a unique touch to it. In addition to installing new features, some of our clients ask us for custom stone replacement for different exterior walls or retaining walls on their property.

    The beautiful stone masonry work we do adds to the value of your property as well as its curb appeal .Our expertise also extends to stone finishing techniques and are adept at creating customised designs to coordinate/ match with the existing masonry.

    Whether the challenge is to customise something to match the existing masonry or to create something completely new , our masons are always up to the job due to years of experience in stone work installations in Montreal area. Stone veneer is a hardy product that can create a three- dimensional appearance on walls, create an elegant floor and build vertical creations inside or outside the home.

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    Why Choose Our Stone Work Services?

    Effective planning is important to the successful completion of any masonry or historic restoration work. Our team of experts work in tandem with the customers and have a detailed discussion with them to understand their needs before we embark on the project.  We provide recommendations and solutions with the ultimate goal of delivering exceptional work.

    Getting stone installation right is crucial whether it is a small residential project or a commercial project. Stone work when installed properly, should last for ages. Whether it is a wall, patio, walkway or steps, it should never need repair from use or from the extreme seasonal changes. Our team works to their best of their ability to provide you with the best service and products. Stonework installation requires a lot of patience, skill and preparation to ensure adequate waterproofing is achieved. Both technical competence and experience is needed to deliver a pleasing look that enhances the look of your home and protects your property from the effects of the weather.

    We provide a comprehensive stonework installation service from initial sourcing of the stone, site survey, and installation. Give us a call and we can help you to realize your dreams. Our team and staff is always available to visit your site to provide a free estimate.