Exterior French Drain Installation

Our company handles French Drain Installation and French Drain Repair services in Montreal, West Island, Laval, South shore and more! If the stagnant pool of dirty water in your backyard is robbing your sound sleep, or the soil beneath your feet around your precious house feels suspiciously spongy, or perhaps you have been noticing a smelly and muddy flood that has appeared out of nowhere in the yard then don’t waste a second more in worrying your head off. Call the experts at DCR Renovation and Construction who are extensively experienced in French drain installation and water-proofing basements in Montreal and can assist you with successful resolution of drainage issues. Our French Drain installation company can provide you the service you need at the best cost!

What is a French drain installation used for?

A French drain is a kind of trench that is filled with rocks or gravel chunks or consists of a pipe that is perforated in nature. This perforated pipe redirects the superficial water and groundwater out of the required area and thus prevents flooding in the area or stagnation of water. It vents out the water quickly that seeps down through the gravel chunks. This type of drain is chiefly employed to prevent the surface water or groundwater from percolating into protected areas and damaging the foundations of buildings.

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    Working of a French Drain

    A French drain is usually trenched in the vicinity of the building’s foundation on its exterior. The drain is used to redirect stagnant water away from the area where it tends to wreak terrible structural damage. Its working is similar to that of a rain gutter on rooftops that redirects the rainwater stagnated on the roof down the rainspout and away from the house. A French drain is used to manage the stagnancy of surface water or ground water. Its design is quite simple and comprises of a sloped trench packed in with gravel pieces and perforated pipes. The rainwater, ground water and surface water seeps into the trench, filters through the chunks of gravel and percolates through the pipe and is let out into a distant water body that is far away from the building. This water is re-channeled to pump which is then carried through several pipes to an external sewer.

    Exterior French Drain Installation Montreal
    How is the installation of a French drain executed?

    How is the installation of a French drain executed?

    Installation of the French drain is done by well-equipped professionals who follow the steps given below.

    1. Excavate a trench

    The width of the trench needs to be of 12 inches in width and 18-24 inches in depth. The inclination of the slope should be 1 inch per 8 feet that will be employed to redirect the percolated surface and ground water away from the building’s foundations. The trench should be located beneath the level of the floor to help in the prevention of moisture accumulation in the basement.

    1. Fill the trench with gravel

    The chunks of gravel like granite or riverine gravel of size ½  to 1 inch rim the trench bed to a depth of 2-3 inches and act as a natural strainer. The water gets drained without any sign of clogging.

    1. Lay the pipes

    The two types of pipes used are highly durable, rigid pipes of PVC with holes drilled in it that can be cleaned by pressure and flexible, slit pipes. The gravel pieces are covered or the pipes are wrapped in fabric before being laid. The holes in the PVC pipe are pointed downwards to let the water flow without getting clogged.

    1. Backfilling of the trench

    The trench can be backfilled with gravel, coarse sand and dirt. However if the French drain project covers a large area, then contact the local companies who will locate and mark the lines underground, fixate on a location for the leftover dirt and begin the trench at the end of the system of drainage to make room for adjustments in the inclination if any hindrance in encountered along the flow.

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