Interior Perimeter French Drain

Our company provides Interior French Drain installation & maintenance services in Montreal, Laval, West island and South Shore. Underground water related problems around the house or basements are a major issue and failure to fix drainage problems can cause significant damage to the property and can result in extra repair costs as well.

French Drains installed inside the basement around the perimeter of a house or building foundation helps address this problem and will provide a solution to waterproofing the area and providing protection against ground water. While exterior drains offer overall protection wherein it arrests the future deterioration to the walls, the interior drains provides only dry basement. Membranes on the outside of the foundation protect against the damage caused by water pressure.

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    French Drains For Interior Basement Systems

    There are different factors that can cause this problem. One of them can be water coming through the wall or there is a build up of water underneath the surface wherein it crawls upwards through the structural elements. The water can also seep into the walls through small crevices or cracks caused by pipes or electrical wire insulations. Sometimes basement windows can be the cause of water seepage as well. A strong and robust drainage system is needed to guard against such problems which are rather frequent.

    Our team of experts provides an effective way to take care of the problem where in the interior French drains are placed next to footing to block groundwater before it enters the building, this is different and better than installing a gutter system that collects water after it drips on a wall. Sometimes the walls are made of blocks where water can get accumulated in the block cavities and can cause constant dripping and great damage. Drilling holes in each block cavity (called weep holes) helps drain water from the blocks and prevents water build up. This excess water is ultimately collected in the French Drainage.

    French Drains For Interior Basement Systems
    Installing An Interior French Drain

    Installing An Interior French Drain System

    The following procedure is done by our experts to install an inside French Drainage system to protect your home.

    • First of all make a trench along the basement perimeter wall that is a foot deep and a foot wide.
    • Proper slope is essential for drainage, the trench will need a gentle gradient to the sump pump pit. Make sure the sump pump pit exists or is created before creating the trench.
    • A waterproofed membrane is installed to seal the foundation. Its job is to direct the water in the trench away from your home.
    • Install a French drain around the house to direct water into a pump that assists with water drainage.
    • Fill up the trench with ¾ inch of clean gravel to protect the drain and help the flow of water.
    • After the entire process is completed the floor is cleared of all the debris and re-cemented.

    With our experience and expertise over the years, we provide a solution to the problem of indoor drainage issues thus promising the safety and security of your family and the house. You may contact our representative at DCR Renovation and Construction for a Free quote.