Stonework Repair And Restoration

Our construction contractors are one of the leaders in repairing and restoring a properties stonework, no job is small or too big for us. Your stone’s beautiful surface can wear away over the years from a number of causes such as foot traffic, harsh chemicals, scratching or scuffing abrasive items and use of improper cleaning products. Therefore it requires repair to maintain its quality.

Restoration work requires a detailed knowledge of quarried stone, where it is from, how it was installed and how best to remedy some of the damage it endures.

Restoration and repair helps the stone age gracefully.

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    What Our Stone Repair and Restoration Services Do?

    With more than a decade of experience behind them, our company specialities has successfully provided top quality floor restoration solutions for natural , concrete and tiles. We specialise in intricate repairs and restoration which can infuse a new life into your stone countertops, stairways and floors. Why replace when repair or restoration is often possible? You can trust us with your beautiful surfaces, reparations and refinishing of all types of floors and countertops made of marble, granite, travertine etc.

    Stonework repair and restoration Montreal
    Stonework repair and restoration

    What our Store Work Services include:

    • Stone cleaning using specialized cleaners so that the surface looks new again.
    • Stain removal and polishing to remove any spots and scratches, and refinish the floor to make it look as good as new.
    • Sealing and water proofing -with a vast knowledge of different sealers on the market , they possess the expertise  to pick the best for a particular stone.
    • Maintenance and repair of different types of stone surfaces like quartz, granite.

    Whether you want to restore the stone to its natural luster or repair surface damage, we can help you with all of your stone surface needs.

    Our construction and renovation company provides solutions for residential and commercial customers for your interior and exterior stone surface preservation and restoration with exceptional results. With years of experience in providing custom flooring restoration services, we listen to our customer’s needs and demands and deliver the projects with quality first while maintaining efficient timeline and budget, our principle is simply doing it right the first time with quality.

    Our technicians continually train and look for new techniques around the globe to bring these specialized applications. We provide our employees with latest knowledge they need to deliver efficient and recent techniques and trends and we assure all our customers that we committed to providing them the most recent and up to date equipment and technology to get the work done on time with quality and efficiency. Our years of knowledge and experience in this industry will ensure that our customers are given dependable and quality solutions for long term endurance solutions pertaining to stone surface. We cater to all size projects whether it be small or large projects, we have the personel and expertise to offer our customers customize or simple restoration solutions for any area they desire including floors, counter tops, walls, landscape or steps.

     Whether it is a small inspection or a major project their team and staff are very responsive, thorough and efficient. Believing in the principle that customer education is the key to satisfied customers we are always ready to visit the premises, evaluate the project, discuss the various options and design a cost effective solution. So, if you are looking for experts in this field, you can trust us to deliver results.