Mold inspection and Removal

Decore Renovation and Construction company specializes in mold remediation, including inspection and removal in Montreal, Laval, West Island and South Shore. Mold growth in your home or property can cause detrimental impacts on both the health of the residents and the foundation of the property.

If mold is not addressed as soon as possible in the correct manner, it will affect not only the appearance and value of your property, but usually points to further rooted issues in the building such as water problems which can become costly in the long term to repair due to the damages it will cause. Mold affects the quality of your indoor air and can cause many serious threats to human health.

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    What Type Of Mold Issues Can Occur in Your Property?

    A few types of mold include Cladosporium, Alternaria, Stachybotrys and Aspergillus. These pose a serious threat to humans health and healthy of specifically any children or elderly in the home. Mold requires moist environment to grow inside home and mold issues usually are caused by water damage that is unseen unless through thorough inspection. Keep an eye on your walls and floor for mold growth and if you find its or have slightest doubt about potential growth you should call our team and we’ll do the rest. Our team of professional and licensed mold specialists can provide a free estimate to address your mold issues.

    Our Montreal Mold Inspection Service

    Our mold removal company has a team of highly trained and certified professions to inspect and remove all mold problems in your home. They are fully licensed to inspect and remedy mold issues whether it be small residence or large commercial spaces, we guarantee to make your home mold free and give you a safe and secure environment and air quality. With our 100% satisfied customers over the years, you can trust that we will provide you with an honest and detailed explanation of all what is required to address the mold issue.

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    How is Our Montreal Mold Removal Service Done?

    Mold removal is a procedure which requires inspection first and our team will do a thorough check in your home for mold growth. Following steps are taken by our team for the inspection of mold growth and then its removal.

    • A certified mold inspector of our team will go room to room in your property and look for the damp places and other places prone to mold growth. A visual assessment is always done before further assessment through different gadgets and infrared camera.
    • It will detect the level of water leakages or the level of moistures on walls as well as ceilings. It also helps you tell about the potential growth of mold in the places with higher moisture.
    • Then a member of our mold inspection team uses infrared camera for detection of mold growth and water leaks around the place. The infrared camera is a valuable di agnostic tool which can also predict the areas of future mold growth.
    • Our team also uses air quality test to find out about mold growth.

    Our company promises you the best results and you can completely rely on the procedures which are harmless to make your air quality better to live in.

    Your protection is paramount to us and our company will address all your mold issues permanently and safely at the best prices. Our mold inspection and removal services in Montreal provide all mold related services for residential and commercial properties as well guarantees satisfaction!

    Why Our Mold Removal Company in Montreal?

    • We do not overstate mold issue and do not overcharge
    • Our estimates are free
    • We address the root cause of the mold issue and focus on permanent fixes to the water damage
    • Licensed, insured and certified staff
    • Years of experience in mold remediation
    • Satisfaction guaranteed!

    Call us today for a free estimate, we are available to answer any of your mold related questions!