Foundation Repair

Our Foundation repair company excels in Foundation crack repair in Montreal and surroundings. When it comes to assessing the value of a property, most individuals overlook checking the foundation of it and fail to evaulate the impact it might have on their investment. A good foundation is critical, because it is basically the strongest indicator you need when it comes to buying a building or investing in one. However, when thinking about damage to the structure of a building, there are a lot of owners and tenants who believe that the issue is far more serious than it is.

Thankfully, all the problems a foundation might have can be solved if you are working with a professional team and if you discover them in time. Contrary to popular belief, foundations can be fixed in a permanent manner.

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    What are the Foundation Issues You Can Encounter?

    Here are some issues you might encounter:

    • Structural damage

    Carbon fiber, helical piers and epoxy are incredibly useful when it comes to small reinforcement repairs in some areas. The solution is permanent and guaranteed not to reoccur. However, when dealing with larger structural fails, you need to consider the possibility of a full wall and even foundation replacement.

    • Leaking walls

    Water infiltration is one of the biggest problems for the foundation of a house because in time all the leaking can end up permanently damaging the foundation. In order to avoid this, a waterproof membrane is used in order to protect either the walls or the foundation from the damage effects of water infiltration. The great thing about this type of solution is the fact that it also comes with a drainage system that can be installed both on the inside or the outside of the house.

    • Drainage issues

    Maintaining a good drainage system is imperative when it comes to maintaining the structural integrity of a building. They can be installed both on the inside and on the outside of the house and are guaranteed to be highly effective in keeping the water away from the walls and foundation.

    • Cracks

    Sometimes overtime walls crack and in some cases, these cracks can cause many issues including unwanted leaks. Cracks in walls can be permanently repaired if you have the right equipment and solutions. Using a highly resistant, waterproof resin that is injected into the crack guarantees that there will be no more unpleasant and unwanted leaks.

    What are the Foundation Issues You Encounter?

    What to expect from Our Foundation Reparation Services:

    • High quality

    Our team of experts is among the best foundation repair contractors in the area who are capable of tacking foundation issues with ease. Although it might seem like a challenge to others, our professional and licensed contractors are able to offer customers permanent repairs with a guarantee.

    • Fair prices

    Our foundation repair service is probably the most affordable one in the area. With us, you are guaranteed to have the foundation of your building fixed at the best possible rates.

    • Attention to detail

    When it comes to issues that concern foundations, attention to detail is crucial. It is important for our experts to notice every crack and be able to predict how the damage might evolve in time in order to apply the most appropriate solution.