Crack Injection and Foundation Crack Repair

Cracks often occur in walls and even in the foundation of a house and they appear quite some time after the house was built, as it settles. They mainly appear around doorframes and windows, where the wall is most vulnerable and can be either vertical or horizontal, they can be barely perceivable or really large and visible. However, even the smallest cracks will tend to get larger with time and cause the owners a lot of trouble.

Apart from the aesthetic factor, cracks can also compromise the waterproofing of the foundation and cause really unpleasant seepage issues. This is exactly why they should be repaired as soon as they occur, to avoid them spreading and negatively impact the integrity of the foundation.

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    How are cracks being repaired?

    Although it is rather solid, poured concrete has the disadvantage of cracking in time once the building has settled. Thankfully, these cracks can be repaired in only a few simple steps and with a very easy yet durable technique In fact, when applied by a team of professionals like our own, this technique is guaranteed to permanently solve the issue at hand.

    These days, cracks are being repaired with something called a crack injection. It is basically a type of resin mixed with a drying and expansion activator. This mix is injected into the wall at a really high pressure, which ensures that every tiny gap is filled.

    How are cracks being repaired in Montreal
    How does our Crack Reparation Services work?

    How does our Crack Reparation Services work?

    In order for the crack injection to work, experts need to drill a series of holes in the wall, alongside the crack and then place metal injection ports in each hole. The crack is being filled with the resin mixture though these holes. In order for the operation to be successful, professionals need to know how to drill and where to drill these holes and, most importantly how much resin to inject into the crack.

    When excess resin starts coming out of the crack, then it is clear that all the gaps were filled effectively. The amazing properties of the resin used for crack injections allow it to expand to about 20 times its initial volume. This further ensures that the crack has been properly filled and is waterproof.

    What to expect from our team?

    We have a highly dedicated team of experts with years of experience in this field. They know exactly what solutions and techniques to apply depending on the issue they are dealing with. One of the main reasons our company has managed to be the top foundation crack repair service in Montreal for years is the fact that we take great care of our customers and make sure to apply a permanent solution.

    On top of that, our rates are highly affordable and our customer care services really are the best in the area. If you are looking for professionals and want to make sure your issue is fixed for good all you have to do is give us a call and we will make sure to permanently solve your foundation problems.