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If you need a highly reliable and experienced general contractor in Montreal, West Island, Laval and South Shore to put in practice one of your projects then you have come to the right place. For years, our construction contractor company has been the top industrial, commercial and residential contractor in the area both in the commercial and in the residential sector. By top contractor we do not only mean “highest number of customers” but “most satisfied customers” as well. In fact, we pride ourselves in being able to say that all of our customers are satisfied customers.

This is mainly due to our amazing strategy and client oriented vision, which allows our experts to meet the needs of our customers and even exceed their expectations. Regardless how small the project might be, if it is a commercial construction or a residential renovation, we tackle any new challenge with a single purpose in mind: turning our customer’s plan into reality.

Why Choose DCR General Contracting Company For Your Project?

One of the great advantages of our company that provides general contractor, renovation contractor and home contractor services is that the customer satisfaction is guaranteed by every single project our experts manage to complete in time and according to the agreed upon design. Talking about our experts, you should know that we are lucky enough to work with some of the most talented, dedicated and skilled experts in design, architecture and construction. We cover anything from a sturdy foundation to plumbing, electrical system to renovations and home additions.

Having the highest standards of quality in mind, our professionals always excel at their job and always do everything in their power to improve not only themselves but the project they are working on as well. This is how we are able to deliver such amazing projects to our customers: constant dedication and care. Additionally, we are known for exclusively working with the best materials, tools and equipment. We use the most modern and innovative technologies and procedures in order to stick to the high quality standard we have already accustomed our customers with.

Why Choose Decore General Contracting Company For Your Project?

What Can DCR General Contracting Do For You?

Since quality has a lot to do with timing and with sticking to the schedule, our contractors are highly punctual and always manage to complete their projects in the agreed time frame. We never delay work and we always stick to the plan so that in the end the customer to be able to have the finished project on the set date or interval without comprimisng quality.

On top of that, our contracting company is known for having the most competitive prices in the market. We offer our clients fair estimates when it comes to both the duration of the project and the budget they will have to spend. Our contracting and renovation company has managed to maintain its position as a leader among the general contractors in the area precisely because it has always had affordable prices. No matter if we’re dealing with a house renovation or a commercial construction, we have always given customers fair rates and reasonable timelines while maintaining the quality.

If you too have a project you want to turn into reality, contact us now and get your free!