Installation et remplacement de pierres et briques

Nous fournissons des services d’installation et de remplacement de briques et pierres. Nous desservons la région de Montréal et ses environs. Toute maçonnerie sur une propriété fait une déclaration audacieuse, mais si votre maçonnerie est éclatée, il se peut que ce ne soit pas le type de déclaration que vous souhaitez afficher. La brique de Brocken ou la brique en vrac peuvent être causées par des changements de temps. Les différents changements de température peuvent entraîner le déplacement de la structure, laissant des trous dans le mortier, les murs, les cheminées et les balcons. Malheureusement, à l’instar de la grande majorité des matériaux de construction, les briques ont une durée de vie limités car elles sont sujettes à la détérioration au fil du temps.

Si les briques et pierres sont endommagées cela aura pour causer des problèmes d’humidité et des dommages structurels à votre bâtiment. Les dommages à la maçonnerie peuvent se manifester de nombreuses façons ce qui peut nécessiter leur remplacement dans les situations suivantes :

Demande de soumission

    Service type

    • Loose or missing bricks
    • Water penetration in a foundation
    • Cracks in the bricks or around the mortar
    • Spalling- flaking or the crumbling of the outer layer
    • Efflorescence: The white deposits that form on brickwork due to water. Though it doesn’t damage the brickwork, however it looks unsightly.
    • Allowing the chimney cap to deteriorate which leads to problems with the brickwork beneath the cap.
    • Damp and black moulds can be caused by Damaged or cracked bricks inside the walls of your house not to mention other numerous issues. These will need to be replaced fastest possible to avoid further issues in your house.
    Brickwork Installation and Replacement Montreal
    Brickwork Installation

    Why choose our Brickwork Installation and Replacement services?

    Brick installation and replacement is an intricate and a time consuming job which requires cutting out a brick, understanding of the tools required, how to clean them, prepare new brick, insert new brick and re-point it.  It also presents certain challenges as it is important that the new replaced brick matches with the rest of the structure, especially when it’s inside the wall of the home. Based on the age of the brick and its manufacturing, will determine on how easy or difficult a replacement will be possible. For old residential and commercial properties, replacing old brick will be challenging and some work will need to be involved to try different brick suppliers in the area where the bricks were originally manufactured or old yards. Not only must the actual brick match but the mortar should also. If one is just replacing a brick because it is stained then it is worth thinking about removing it in one piece and turning it around.

    Our company is the most trusted masonry company to deal with brick installation and replacement. Our construction company has been providing expert masonry rebuild, brick replacement, restoration since many years. Its team of masons is knowledgeable, experienced and properly trained.  Its vast inventory of equipment allows it to handle all kinds of projects in the most efficient manner.  We offer competitive pricing with the assurance to provide the best for every penny spent. The motto is to ensure that it delivers on its promise and the client feel satisfied every step of the way.